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Congrats, you found us (insert “bling” sound here):i


PR from Berlin with love, brains and rolled-up sleeves. We are a new communications agency. We procure press coverage, we manage social media, we advise on crises and expansions, we write reports, speeches, articles. We review your external and internal communication, the positioning of your products and your company. We help shape your narrative.

We’re unlike other agencies. We only employ journalists, because journalists have the best sense for editors and customers. And do you know those agencies, where the bosses come out for the pitch and take cover afterwards? Well, we’re not like that. We do not use interns to take charge of the customers’ budget. Everything that is done goes through the final correction of the management, just like in journalism, where the editor makes the final inspection.

We’re more than the sum of our parts. We do international PR directly with our representatives in the key target markets, but we also have strategic alliances with other agencies in certain markets. But we only ever show one face to the customer – if we are working for you, you do not need to talk to anyone but us.

We are process-oriented and transparent. We do not offer retainers with uncertain services, we don’t have opaque package prices. Who commissions us always knows what he’s are getting, guaranteed.

We are specialized in the games industry and (web) technology companies. And we know the relevant markets, their media and the competition situation from years of observation. We know them so well that we cannot only write press releases, but also speeches and articles and white papers. We do not try to acquire customers whose products we do not understand in detail.



Understood? Questions? +49 30 / 588 599 41 or mail to hi@visi.bi.

We would gladly help you gain more visibility. *Cough*.