Fierce Dragon Busters Ready for Battle in GAMEVIL’s Dragon Blaze

Berlin, April 26, 2016 | GAMEVIL today announced the release of an update for their popular mobile RPG Dragon Blaze, introducing Dragon Busters as new powerful allies for players. Fighting alongside their summoner, Dragon Busters will have great effects on the outcome of battles.

There will be one Dragon Buster for each of all seven character classes. Three are available now, the remaining four will be added in future updates.

  • Dragon Buster Pluto: Wielding Buster Shield and Sword, he storms into battle without second thought. Pluto is quite resilient and can take a lot of damage.
  • Dragon Buster Epsilon: Epsilon not only heals allies, but also enhances them to bring out their full potential. Using the protective sword, this Dragon Buster reflects enemy attacks.
  • Dragon Buster Stigma: Stigma is known for his rage on the battlefield. He won’t stop until his opponents are smashed. His inter-dimensional attacks cannot be avoided.

To create Dragon Busters, players must craft Buster Keys, using Gold, Essences and specific allies with key parts. Dragon Busters can only be summoned once in each battle. They fight in place of their master until they run out of health. A detailed guide on Dragon Busters can be found here.

The update is accompanied by various in-game events:

  • Platinum Ally Summon 1+1 (4/25 – 5/2): Players receive an additional bonus ally
  • Essence Bundle (permanent change): discount increased to 20 percent (normally 10 percent)
  • Gold 3X (4/25 – 5/2): When buying Gold, players receive three times as much
  • Rubies 1+1 (4/25 – 5/2): Players get twice as many rubies for each purchase

Chapter 3 of Dragon Blaze was launched in February. It takes players on a new world map (Icy Lands), which includes 35 new areas. The update also added new Boden characters, the new paladin class and the Leviathan raid.

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