Dragon Blaze: New Awakened Heroes and Dragon Buster League Now Available

Berlin, Germany, 1 June 2016 – Discover what mysterious forces are lending strength to the heroes of the past with the introduction of two additional Awakened Allies. The newest update features the awakened versions of Shining Sword Loki and Orc Warrior Ackard, two iconic characters in the Dragon Blaze storyline. Tainted Loki is a powerful rogue who excels at causing mayhem for the enemy team with various debuff skills, and Power Sword Ackard is a skillful blade master capable of delivering fatal blows to his enemies. Details on the newest allies:

Tainted Sword Loki

Is a guardian to the High Elves, Tainted Loki strikes fear in his opponents with the use of his forbidden ancient knowledge. During auto attacks, his skill cooldown is decreased at a set rate.

  • Painful Wounds: Inflicts 1989% damage on one enemy and an additional 130% damage per second for 11 seconds. Damage over time effect cannot be removed.
  • The Memory Shock: Inflicts 1357% damage on one enemy and disables skills for 11 seconds.
  • Pontus Cure: Inflicts 603% attack to all enemies and places a debuff that decreases heal by 80% for 11 seconds.

Power Sword Ackard

After sacrificing his life to save the elegant Draco Blackaria, Power Sword Ackard has now returned by making a promise with Death. Ackard receives increased defense penetration during normal auto attacks.

  • Soul Slashing Sword: Inflicts 1811% damage on one enemy and stuns for 2 seconds.
  • Soul Strike: Inflicts 1949% damage on one enemy with 100% accuracy.
  • Encounter with Death: Inflicts 671% damage on all enemies and has a 20% chance to instantly kill any enemies hit.

Lastly, the update introduces the highly anticipated Dragon Buster League in both Guild Battles and Arena. The Dragon Buster League is separated from normal PVP leagues and allows for players to summon Dragon Busters to assist in battle. Normal PVP game modes are still available for players to participate in, but the use of Dragon Busters will be restricted. Each game mode still offers rewards for players to claim weekly.

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