Dragon Blaze: Epic Battles in the Shadow Castle

Berlin, 7 July 2016 | Experience the epic culmination of Flint’s Dragon Blaze: Chapter 3 in the ongoing Dragon Blaze saga. Assemble your party of allies and prepare to storm the Shadow Castle as you face off against the mighty Judge Shadow Howl. Launching today, the update will introduce players to an increased level cap, new region, and a plethora of new allies to collect. Additional update details include:

  • Level Cap Increased: The level cap has been increased from 88 to 90.
  • New Region: Shadow Castle: Prepare to face off against the leader of the Bodens, Judge Shadow Howl, in the newest level 90 zone.
  • New Raid Boss: Destructive Ragnarok: The newest 4-man raid will be available once users have completed the Shadow Castle region. Destructive Ragnarok will drop the new Ragnarok set for max level players.
  • New Allies: Over 25 new allies have been added. Players can acquire them through Ally Summons and they also have a chance of dropping from the new Shadow Castle region.
  • Improved Guild UI: The Guild tab has received several visual updates as well as a new message board that allows for more interaction between guild members.
  • Combined Essence: Ancient Essence and Dark Essence have now been combined into Light Essences, and players will now be able to hold up to 250 essences per stack.
  • Shop Improvements: A new Costume Shop has been implemented, allowing players to view all character and ally costumes. The normal in game shop UI has also been drastically improved.

Additionally the Dragon Blaze team will be giving out exclusive login rewards for the next two weeks. The following rewards can be claimed from the in game GM Events tab:

  • 07/05 – 07/11: Earn up to 21 Essence Summons
  • 07/12 – 07/18: Earn up to 7 SSS Ally Summons

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