Dragon Blaze: New Powerful Awakened Allies Now Available

Berlin, August 11, 2016 | GAMEVIL released an update for their action RPG Dragon Blaze, launching the next set of awakened allies, as well as introducing additions to Tower of Validation and Formations.

New Awakened Allies

Two new archer awakened allies will now be available for players to obtain. Tinuvian the Poison Fang will require her lesser counterpart Dark Elf Tinuvian while Aura Windlune will be needed in order to receive Dark Elf Queen Windlune. Each hero will need to be at an ultimate enhance level and require 10 Hero Essences in order to create the Awakened versions of each character. Hero details:

Tinuvian the Poison Fang

Using poison as her specialty, Tinuvian can effectively deal out a large amount of damage with her heavy AOE abilities including a deadly poison debuff.

  • Explosive Fire: Launches arrows at one enemy which deals 1837% damage and 620% splash damage to surrounding enemies. Each enemy hit will receive a poison debuff which deals 270% poison damage every second for eight seconds.
  • Deadly Weapon: Inflicts 842% damage on all enemies and places a poison debuff on all enemies.
  • Poison Enhance: Tinuvian increases her ATK speed by 69% for 13 seconds. Additionally, any poison debuff applied will cause the damage to have a 100% critical hit rate during the effect of ‘Poison Enhance’.

Dark Elf Queen Windlune

Queen of the Dark Elves, Windlune has been blessed by Yggdrasil to help lead her people to ultimate glory. Anytime Dark Elf Queen Windlune lands a normal attack, she gains increased evasion.

  • Order Strike: Inflicts 1860% damage and dispels buff from an enemy. Leaves a mark on target which will focus Windlune’s attacks.
  • Yggdrasil’s Rage: Launch a volley of arrows at one enemy which deals 1653% damage and reduces defense by 72% for 15 seconds.
  • The Final Strike: Target an enemy who is below 35% HP dealing 2687% damage with a 100% critical hit rate. Windlune becomes stealthed for 5 seconds.

In addition to the two awakened allies, the update will look to improve upon the following features:

Tower of Validation Improvements: The newest mode, Tower of Validation, will be receiving 20 new floors in which players can play through and earn even more rewards.

Deity Rebalancing: The Quinque Draco, Septem Archangeli, and Boden allies have received several rebalancing changes to their skills.

New Formations: Three new party formations have been added in game. ‘Patient Chivalry’ reduces any critical damage taken by your party. ‘Fire Support’ allows your party to deal bonus damage and ‘Unbreakable Will’ gives your party members increased normal attack defense.

The newest Dragon Blaze update is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Download Dragon Blaze on App Store: bit.ly/DragonBlazeiOS
Download Dragon Blaze on Google Play: bit.ly/DragonBlazeAndroid

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