GAMEVIL’s Kritika: The White Knights Unleashes Awakened Burst Breaker

Berlin, July 14, 2016 | Kritika: The White Knight’s newest character, Burst Breaker, will become more powerful with an awakened form in addition to receiving awakened skills. Also, a new difficulty mode, Nightmare, has been added to the popular Monster Wave mode.

Burst Breaker Awakened Skills

After completing the required awakening quests, the mighty gauntlet wielding Burst Breaker will be able to awaken his skills providing an increase in skill power and altering the animations of certain abilities.

  • Awakened Heatwave Splitter: The Burst Breaker knocks enemies back with an even greater shield.
  • Awakened Gory: Pounding his large gauntlet on the ground, the Burst Breaker creates a large heat sphere. After a short delay, the sphere explodes dealing damage to enemies.
  • Awakened Fury Fist: Jump into the air and strike a fatal blow to the ground dealing damage to all surrounding enemies. The impact crater continues to pulse dealing AOE damage.
  • Awakened Heatwave Hook: Strike the air three times delivering a fire tornado with each blow.
  • Awakened Steel Dragon Takedown: Using the power of his gauntlet, the Burst Breaker upheavals the ground beneath him and rains down debris on his foes.
  • Awakened Meteor Rain: Creates a rip tide on the ground which smashes through enemies.
  • Awakened Volcano: After a short delay, the Burst Breaker unleashes a powerful blast in the direction he’s facing.

The Burst Breaker’s awakening skill set will give the newest powerhouse much more versatility within Monster Wave and Tower of Tribulation. Alongside the new Burst Breaker additions are:

  • New Monster Wave Difficulty “Nightmare”: The newest Monster Wave difficulty “Nightmare” will be available for level 70 players to participate in.
  • Cat Acrobat Improvements: Several of the Cat Acrobat’s abilities have been readjusted.
  • Equipment Enhance Rate: Enhancing equipment using other pieces of gear will now yield a higher enhance chance.
  • Gold/Legendary Gem Chest Drop Adjustments: Players will now have a chance to pull ethereal items from Gold chests. Chances to acquire Ethereal items increases with each Enhance Chest level.

Version 2.27 of Kritika: The White Knights is available now on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

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