Kritika Update Includes Cool New Character Ice Warlock

Berlin, November 7, 2016 – May your enemies shiver in fright from the frost. GAMEVIL’s latest Kritika: The White Knights update features the long-awaited Ice Warlock. The powerful sorcerer is a player-favorite from the PC version and uses various frost and ice abilities to defeat enemies. To celebrate the update, players can participate in a special leveling event. They can also receive a free set of Ethereal equipment and more until the end of November. Other major additions include Blood Demon improvements and Ethereal Meteorites.

Ice Warlock

The Ice Warlock obliterates enemies with his lethal ice magic. Revered as a living legend, he seeks power to protect himself from hostile alchemists who feel threatened by his presence.

  • Frost Wind: Shoots a heavy wind of ice particles at the direction you’re facing.
  • Ice Beam: Conjures a frost cannon and fires it at enemies. Removes super armor.
  • Glacier Spikes: Freezes your enemies, then shoots an explosive bullet to shatter the ice. Stuns all enemies in the attack’s range. Stun duration lasts proportionally to skill level.
  • Ring of Ice: Instantly condenses the cold air to freeze enemies. Stuns all enemies in the attack’s range. Stun duration lasts proportionally to skill level.
  • Diamond Glacier: Conjures a gigantic ice glacier in the designated area. The glacier automatically explodes after a certain period of time to inflict additional damage.

Blood Demon Improvements: The Blood Demon’s battle effectiveness has significantly improved. Storm of Blood, Wind of Blood, and Deathblow do more damage. Many skills have increased range and less delay.

Ethereal Meteorites: Players can now equip Ethereal Meteorites. The new meteorite has one main stat, two sub-stats, and one additional character skill. Two other items, Ethereal Flare and Legendary Astral Shard, were also added.

Some other improvements in the update are equipment mass combine feature, expanded Meteorite inventory, and new avatars.

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