Fire at Will! – Tanki X Thunders into Open Beta Next Week, Upcoming Features Revealed

Multiplayer action game to be open for all players // Details on future updates announced // No further account wipes

Perm, Russia, September 8, 2016 | Game developers AlternativaPlatform today announced their action-packed tank combat title – Tanki X – will enter Open Beta on September 15th, granting access to everyone who registers on the official website. There will be no more account resets, so from now on, players will get to keep their progress and achievements – even after the official launch.

Tanki X is all about fast-paced futuristic tank combat against real players. This is not some detail-heavy simulation with bricks for manuals and hundreds of statistics to memorize. Tanki X is easy to jump into, fun to play, and offers fast and furious gameplay with fully customizable futuristic tanks across a collection of exciting and dynamic arenas.

Key features of Tanki X include:

  • Arm your tank with flamethrowers, railguns, shotguns and all sorts of other devastating weapons, all featuring unique mechanics. Blasting your enemies to bits will never get boring.
  • If your tank is destroyed (and it will happen often), don’t worry! You will respawn within a matter of seconds, right back into the heat of battle. No waiting, no travelling, no downtime.
  • Turn up the heat with temporary power ups that can be picked up on random locations within the arena.
  • Unlock upgrades to improve your tank’s parameters and change its appearance. As you play more battles, cooler customizations and more powerful weapons will become available!

During its time in Closed Beta, Tanki X has rallied a large and engaged community. More than 50 million players from around the world have enjoyed its predecessor, Tanki Online